Acclimation Classroom (1 year olds)

1005258_544735475584818_1212181303_nOur acclimation class is a 1-5 ratio with a max of 10 children per day.

Miss Tobi has been working with this age group since she started with Bella Mente in 2009. She has patience galore and has mastered staying on the line between loving and firm. Her approach with children is something to marvel at. All of her children fall in love with her and her classroom runs smoothly despite it being a challenging age range.

Mr Eric has been with Bella Mente since 2008. Portraits 039B&WWith 2 children of his own at home he knows how to make our 1 year olds feel like part of a family in the acclimation class. He is ultra creative and always brings new ideas to the classroom to keep it interesting for these transitioners. This is the first classroom that is working on a “schedule” to follow instead of being on demand with each individual child’s own schedule. Both teachers have developed wonderful skills to help their children and the classroom as a whole to create a developmentally appropriate and intellectually stimulating day.

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