Newcomer Classroom up to 12 months old


The Infant Classroom is the children’s first stop on their journey at Bella Mente.  Delivering a comfortable, safe, caring environment is the focus of the room’s teachers. Our infant classroom starts at 12 weeks and they transition on to the next classroom at or around 12 months. We keep our classroom at a 1:4 ratio.

There is no set schedule.  Our philosophy is such that as children’s fundamental needs are met in a loving, safe environment they will flourish through this time of rapid development.  They emerge from the Infant Classroom happy, trusting, and ready for their transition from infant to toddler.

Brenda started when Bella Mente opened in 2007. She has been our consistent teacher in the infant room starting with us a month after we opened the school. Brenda explains her job as “exactly what she was looking for” and it shows in how she

takes care of everyone on a day to day basis. Her patience and attention to detail make our infant room a perfect place for babies to relax, learn and grow. For more information on a typical day in our infant room please visit us on our facebook page at