The fire marshall came on friday and passed our school to move on to the next level. We have an appointment with the Department of Early Learning on Tuesday. I know this isn’t ideal and I’m so sorry for any inconvenience this causes you or your family. We are working incredibly hard to make this move happen. We have created a plan until we are fully licensed and able to all be at the new building. Until further notice… -Please drop off and pick up at 4800 40th Ave SW (our original building). -Remember we have sent all personal belongings home. Please bring a bag with your children’s necessities with you (diapers, spare clothes, nap sheet and blanket, lunch, etc). There will be a labeled space which we would like you to place your bag. -Please make sure to sign your child in and out. -We have set up each empty classroom as a curriculum room. The classes will take turns in 30 minute increments experiencing and exploring in each curriculum room including art, science and literacy, building and architecture, and large motor. -The newcomer (infants) will be in their own classroom all day. -Please pack any utensils your child might need in their lunch box -We have moved EVERYTHING over to the new building so we don’t have any extras of clothing or blankets so please be prepared so that your child is taken care of during this transition.